Career Coaching

Career Coaching

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What It Is

Coaching is an alliance between a coach and a client with the goal of strengthening or changing client behaviors that are crucial to their success. Our career coaching services, usually take the form of regular sessions over the course of three months to one year.

Career coaching is designed to help individuals or teams define their goals, whether they be business or personal, and create a plan that moves them closer to achieving the desired outcomes. One-on-one Coaching creates a framework for inspired discovery and the motivation to stay on track.

Our Approach

Career coaching conversations are driven by the client’s goals, and build on the client’s strengths. My career coaching process, which focuses on asking powerful questions, supports a client’s ability to listen to their own intuition about out how to make potentially transformational career choices. Career coaching topics are determined by the client and might include:

  • Identifying career interests (getting clear on what you want and don’t want)
  • Assessing your current skills and abilities and how they align to desired jobs
  • Creating and implementing action plans
  • practicing interviewing skills
  • enhancing self-awareness
  • building self-confidence
  • creating your job history stories
  • negotiating a job offer
What We Do

The benefits of career coaching services can include:

  • Identifying your desired outcomes and creating a plan to get there
  • Building self-confidence
  • Establishing your value proposition and how to articulate that to an employer
  • Learning negotiation strategies
  • Increasing job satisfaction by enjoying a well-balanced life

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Career Coaching Services

Our goal is to help you make the changes necessary to achieve success.

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